April 18, 2024
FOOD HACKS: The latest in our series of hacks making food prep easier
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We love to share practical kitchen hacks that make everyday food prep easier …

Hulling Strawberries ~Getting the core and leaves off a strawberry can be a messy old job and you can often end up bruising and squashing them. A quick solution is to take a drinking straw and insert it at the bottom of the strawberry and gently push it through to the top. The core and the leaves will come out whole, leaving a clean hulled strawberry. Leaving the strawberry on the straw can also be an idea to jazz up the presentation of a cocktail or a smoothie.

Spaghetti Spoon ~ Most of us have a spaghetti spoon in our kitchen, but have you ever wondered what the hole in the middle of the spoon is for? No, it´s not just for straining the pasta. It is actually a measure, the amount of dried spaghetti that fits through the hole, is an ideal serving portion per person.

Chilling Wine ~ There are times when you need to chill a bottle of wine quickly. Simply take a few sheets of kitchen paper and damp it with water, wrap it around the bottle and pop in the fridge. Leave it for 15 minutes and you will have a chilled bottle of wine.

Chopping an onion without tears ~ Sometimes you can get away with chopping an onion without tears streaming down your face, but other times your eyes end up stinging like crazy. Top tip, put the onion in the fridge for about an hour before you want to chop it. The cold of the fridge reacts with the natural chemicals in the onion, resulting in no more tears when chopping an onion.

Easy access for foil & cling film ~ We all get frustrated when trying to roll foil or cling film out. On each end of the box are perforated indents, if you push these in at each end they go into the ends of the roll, this makes it easier to roll the foil or cling film so that you can then use the cutting edge effectively to tear off from the respective roll.

No more messy marks from your cooking spoon ~ Get fed up of making a mess of your worktops or having to get a plate out to put your cooking spoons on? Easy solution, use the hanging hole in the handle of the pan to slot the spoon handle in. This way the spoon will rest there without making any mess and you´ll always use the right spoon for what is in that particular pan.

FOOD HACKS: The latest in our series of hacks making food prep easier

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