May 21, 2024

MÁLAGA LIFESTYLE: New Rules for Animals in Restaurants in Spain
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With Spain’s new Animal Welfare Law now in force (29th September 2023), under the new Law it permits owners to take their dogs inside restaurants with them.

It is important to note that all restaurants have been given the option to refuse entry of pets. In this instance, the establishment has the obligation to place a sign outside that informs customers of this fact.

If you are thinking of taking your dog to a new restaurant it is advisable to check in advance whether they allow pets. If the restaurant accepts pets, it is important to follow the following rules:

The dog must be on a short leash.
The dog must be clean and well cared for.
The dog must not disturb other customers

If the restaurant owner believes that a dog does not comply with these rules, then they are within their rights to ask the owner to leave with the pet.

These are the establishments where dogs are now allowed since the new law

Public and private transport including trains and airlines.
Public and private establishments.
Restaurants and bars.
Buildings and public facilities (unless expressly prohibited)

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