September 29, 2023

VIVA LA VIDA: Wellbeing – Foods that help lower your BP
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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, refers to the pressure of blood against your artery walls. Over time, high blood pressure can cause blood vessel damage that leads to heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and other problems. Hypertension is sometimes called the silent killer because it produces no symptoms and can go unnoticed — and untreated — for years.

“…foods can be introduced to the diet to naturally help reduce High Blood Pressure…”

A diet that can help control blood pressure is rich in potassium, magnesium, and fibre and lower in sodium. There are foods that can be introduced to the diet to naturally help reduce High Blood Pressure:

Leafy greens.
Berries. especially blueberries, rich in natural compounds called flavonoids.
Red beets.
Skimmed milk and yogurt.
Salmon, mackerel, and fish with Omega-3
Dark Chocolate
Egg Whites
Olive Oil
Water melon
Kiwi Fruit
Fresh Herbs & Spices
Flax seed
White Beans

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