July 12, 2024
MÁLAGA FOOD NEWS: Celebrating World Tapas Day
Posted By: Málaga Food Guide Team – Málaga Province
This Thursday 15th June is World Tapas Day, but what is Tapas.
Although most accounts claim it originated in Andalucía, different regions of Spain all individually claim to be the birthplace of this popular Spanish tradition.
“Tapa” literally means lid or cover. Legend has it that in the 13th century King Alfonso the X, known as the “wise one”, passed a decree forcing all taverns to serve a small portion of food with every wine served in order to reduce the effects of alcohol. Many people say that the custom of tapas came about when bar keepers began covering their customers’ drinks with a slice of bread, ham or cheese to stop flies and dust from entering.
Tapas are an important part of Spanish culture and cuisine, and are often associated with socialising and spending time with friends and family. Many Spanish bars and restaurants have a selection of tapas on offer.
Tapas is traditionally a drink and bite to eat, so when you meet for tapas in Spain, it’s usually around 1:30 to 3pm or 8:30 to 10:30pm. If you stick to the traditional Spanish times for tapas, you’re guaranteed to get the freshest food and the best atmosphere.
Tapas goes really well with the quintessential Spanish aperitif, a light sherry served chilled, from Andalusia, but also Tinto de Verano or a caña are commonly served with Tapas. The usual servings of tapas is 2 to 3 Tapas per person.
Tapas traditionally came free when you ordered a drink, but these days most places charge for Tapas. However, it is worth  mentioning that Tapas has evolved from just a bit of ham or cheese and now can be quite a gourmet sample, more like a tasting menu. Here are some of the most popular Tapas served in Spain, but it does vary from region to region, depending if you are on the coast, where there is more seafood and fish, or inland where they are more meat and cheese based.
Black Pudding & Chorizo
Huevos rotos
Fried Fish
Ensaladilla Rusa
Jamon Serrano. 
Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette) 
Boquerones en Vinagre. 
Albondigas en Salsa.
Patatas Bravas.
Croquetas (Croquettes)
Espinacas con Garbanzos (Spinach with Chickpeas) 
If you are not familiar with Tapas and are new to Spain and unsure what to try, then it is well worth trying out a Tapas Tour. There are many companies that offer such tours, some of the best Tours in Andalucía are to be found in Malaga City, Seville, Granada and Cordoba.
MÁLAGA FOOD NEWS: Celebrating World Tapas Day

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