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MÁLAGA FOOD NEWS: Prolonging the Life of Pre-washed Salad/Leaf Bags 
Posted By: Málaga Food Guide – Málaga Province
22nd May 2023
In our busy lives we very often opt for the easy option where our Food is concerned. No more so than those of you (We have but NOT anymore!) who buy bags of pre-washed Salad/Leaves every week from the supermarket. The bagged salad market in Spain is growing by 10% per year, however the average consumer wastes 40% of their Salad whether it be pre-washed bag or lose, in fact Salad in general is one of the single most wasted food stuffs.
A little history lesson – The pre-Washed Salad Bag was originally a Spanish idea. Almost 40 years ago business partners Cecilio Peregrín Martínez and Lorenzo Belmonte founded PrimaFlor. These guys were veritable luminaries and preempted future food trends and started impact marketing the famous Iceberg lettuce well before the market was ready.
Currently their PrimaFlor/MiraFlor is one of the leading fruit and vegetable companies in Spain. Now firmly established in the cultivation of different varieties of lettuce, oriental vegetables and tender shoots, it continues to offer a wide range of ready-made and ready-to-eat salads.
There is a myriad of conflicting information on the meta-sphere – Do I wash my “pre-washed Salad? sits alongside stern advice never to wash your salad bag leaves as this can contribute to faster degradation.
We have read them all and have tried out best to give you three straightforward pieces of advice for storing/keeping your Salad Bag.
1. LOOK through the Bag and see that there are no decaying leaves (You you should have done this in the Supermarket!) If there are, open the bag and remove them. Try to “re-seal” the bag – you can simply scrunch roll the top of the bag and secure with freezer clip or similar.
2. DON´T open the bag (unless the above has happened) Keep it sealed until you want to use it.
3. FRIDGE Its best practice to keep all your Salad/Leaves in the crisper draw. That´s what its is for.
MÁLAGA FOOD NEWS: Prolonging the Life of Pre-washed Salad/Leaf Bags

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