September 29, 2023
Buddha House Peñoncillo – Expensive & Disappointing 0/5.
By @MalagaFoodie 
First I need to set the scene. The Malaga Foodie Team were together at Malaga Food Headquarters and had all decided to treat ourselves to a curry after a long and busy week foodying.
We normally favour the Madras although have to admit we haven’t been in since they moved to their new premises – but one of the team suggested we try the Buddha House in Peñoncillo on the basis they delivered. Brilliant!
We ordered a Lamb Madras, Chicken Dhansak and a Chicken Jalfrezi, various naan´s and pilau rice – all good so far. The chap who answered and took the order asked that we sent him our address via Google maps but we are in a new road and its not on Google maps! That was the start of a saga that saw us waiting at the bottom of our road for half and hour and then having to drive to Santander to meet him – 1 hour and 20 minutes after ordering. 
Still our fervour wasn’t dampened but of course any curry that left the kitchen over and hour ago was never going to be warm so we warmed them through in the oven.
All I can say that we were very disappointed. First we fell foul of the “Great Poppadum Scam” We ordered Poppadum’s and Pickles for three people at €2 a portion – we received four half poppadum’s the fourth smashed to smithereens and the pickles were in what can only be described as “micro-pots” – €6 for that was outrageous.
We moved on to the main event I had the Lamb Madras, while is was nicely spiced the lamb was tough, the sauce was somehow dry and gritty and it was incredibly salty, just on the edge of me being able to eat it! My Peshwari nan was the worst I have ever had, No Sultanas or Almonds but this version was just stuffed with desiccated coconut – it was too sweet and nothing like the opulent nan of the Sultans I have so enjoyed on visits to my favourite Indian food houses.
The rest of the team complained about how salty their main dishes were and also commented that their sauces were “somehow” dry and again gritty. However, the rice was passable and although “dry” the sauces were flavoursome and well spiced but way, way too salty!
If the Buddha House would like a second chance to impress us then we can come in and do a revised review – only this time dining in at the restaurant. Contact me:
Malaga Food News 
Review at a Glance:
Quality of Food: 2/5
Value for Money: 1/5 V Expensive €51.75 for the above order!
Customer Service: 1/5
Hygiene: No Score – Takeaway
Overall: Very disappointed doesn’t even merit a 1 Star Malaga Food Rating. 
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Twitter: @malagafoodie

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